Designed to help you improve your team.

Communication • Documentation • Organization • Productivity

inTouch is a third party application for ConnectWise designed to provide users with a full experience on any mobile device. With its radically different interface, inTouch drastically improves your team’s productivity in the field. The entire system is built around the Smart ScheduleTM, which brings the various parts of ConnectWise together in a single place for blazing fast use. inTouch works on all mobile devices.


Improve your technicians

  • No TimeTM makes entering time almost instantaneous.
  • Smart ScheduleTM is a radical redesign that makes all of your information instantly available to any mobile device.
  • Edit configurations right from your mobile device.
  • Shrinking ScheduleTM removes tickets as they are completed.
  • Quickly make new tickets to ensure issues are never lost.
  • Recent Activity helps see what others have done.
  • Reduce new employee client learning curve.
  • Keep communication to clients in tickets for improved collaboration.

Improve your account managers

  • Account meetings can be more efficient with all ticket information available to you.
  • Recent Activity feature shows everything that’s been done in the last two months.
  • Client disputing a ticket? Find and view it instantly.
  • Never forget a client’s name again with client search!

Improve your billing

  • Send invoices the same day work is done.
  • Quickly recoup cost of hardware sold to clients.
  • Better prepared techs leads to less disputed charges.
  • Clients are more likely to pay larger invoices if received immediately while the issue is fresh in their mind.

 See how it all works at the tour, or join the beta.