Introducing the Smart ScheduleTM

Smart Schedule   The Smart ScheduleTM  is the center of inTouch. It pulls together all of the information that is needed while shedding information that isn’t. It’s a super focused version of ConnectWise. Quickly view all of today’s appointments, their priority, and status.

Color coding makes scanning the day a snap. Various colors can convey meaning – importance or  schedule firmness. These can be edited as needed.

The Shrinking ScheduleTM removes items that have already been worked on for the day, to direct attention to work still needing to be completed. This creates an opportunity for a very simple end of day review – any tickets still on the schedule at quitting time haven’t been worked on or updated.

smartschedule_trayTapping on a schedule item shows buttons with actions related to that ticket.

The left column of buttons is for editing a ticket – adding time, adding an expense, changing the status, emailing from the ticket, and adding a note.

The right column provides access to more information to do the job – all of the client’s configurations, full details of the ticket contact, full details of the ticket and the ‘By Company’ button which allows searching for other information related to this client.

At the bottom are two quick access buttons – one to call the phone number on the ticket, and one to bring up a map.

Entering time instantly with No TimeTM

Time EntryNo TimeTM is the fastest possible way to enter time on a ticket – by not thinking about the time at all!

With a focus on real-time entry, inTouch is able to intelligently fill in the start time and end time for you.

A technician will finish on one job and move directly to the next, meaning that the end time of the current job is also the start time of the next one. As soon as the the time entry screen opens, it automatically checks time entries for today to find the end of the last one and sets that as the start time.

The end time is always set to the current time. No need to remember any times, or mess around with start and stop buttons.

A default work type can be chosen that would be accurate much of the time.

For most tickets, time can be added to tickets simply by filling in the notes field. Everything else is done automatically!

Configurations Done Right

configurationsEver just need a password? Don’t get held up taking the time to log into ConnectWise, opening the ticket, going to the company screen, and then getting to the configurations. Instead, get there in two taps – once on the ticket, then on the configurations button. Instantly get a list of all of the configurations for this client. A search field at the top filters the list as you type to eliminate scrolling through a long list.

configurationTap the configuration needed, and instantly see its contents.

Not the configuration you were looking for? Just close this one and search for another one.

You won’t have to wait for the list of configurations to load again – the same list instantly re-appears.

configuration_edit Of course, configurations are only useful if the information is kept current. We’re proud to say we were the first to offer editing configurations right on your mobile device.

Now there’s no reason for client documentation to be incomplete or out of date. It can be changed in real time by the technician while onsite at the client’s location.

Recent Activity

View all time entries for a client for the last two months.An industry exclusive, our Recent Activity feature lets you see all of a client’s time entries for the last two months in one place.

Did the client mention work done by another tech? Find it easily without searching through tickets.

On your way to an account meeting? Use this to review  so that you can talk competently about what was or wasn’t done.

Improved Communications

email_croppedAll communication to clients should be done through tickets instead of emailing directly. By simplifying this process, the quantity and quality of communication will improve.

When sending an email, inTouch provides the ability to easily include people simply by checking them on a list. The email address on the ticket, the company’s primary contact, and a list of all their contacts are included. You may also login to your inTouch account online and add your internal addresses such as managers, dispatchers, or distribution groups.

 Being Fluid

By CompanyWe understand that situations come up that require deviating from the schedule. The By Company tab accomplishes this. Simply search for any client by typing in their name or id. Configurations can be viewed, or search for contacts or tickets. Technicians are also able to add new tickets.

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